Privacy Policy

Who am I?
I am cat creative – a graphic & web designer | make-up artist originally from Salzburg Austria. My website address is:

Contact details:
Catharina Schweighofer
Salzburg, Austria
Please ask for phone number and exact address.

What personal data do I collect and why?
A cookie saves all my website data in your web browser for a better user experience. The cookies are automatically deleted after one month or when you empty your cache.

When you send me an e-mail I collect your name and e-mail / phone number when you contact me so I can contact you back.

If I do a domain service for you (includes registering on a platform and buying url) I will collect your full name, address, birthdate, e-mail and phone number for registration purpose.

As I will be your web admin I will also save your registration data including: username, e-mail and password.

If you decide to get a website by cat creative once or twice a year you’ll get a notification about updates from my side.

What happens when you use the contact form?
When you use my contact form on the home site your data will be transmitted to my e-mail address I save your e-mail address and name for collaboration purposes.

What about analytics?

For analysing my website I use the plugin Jetpack.
It saves no personal but demographic data.

I can monitor:
> which posts and sites were visited.
> which search terms were used.
> if this site was forwarded by an other site (referrer) and it’s name.
> if and which video was played.
> how many clicks were used on the site.
> from which country the site was visited.
> likes and comments.

Do I share your data?
A third party provider is only involved with the domain service.

Otherwise, I will of course not share your data with anyone.

How long do I retain your data?
I do not have a time limit for that.

What rights you have over your data?
You can have an insight on your saved data anytime.
If you desire I will delete your saved data anytime.

Social Media Information:
I have outgoing links to the platforms Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. I only identify with my own content not any other content you see on those platforms. If you want to have information on their privacy policy please go to the privacy policy section on their websites.

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